Tipsy House

Nothing Stops a Bulldozer Like a Dead Body

Blank bookcover with clipping path

A historic amusement park in Okoboji Iowa, is about to get flattened to make way for luxury
condos—that is until Assistant Woodbury County Attorney Hillary Reed finds a body in the
park’s iconic Tipsy House. It’s a big scoop for her significant other, Sioux City Sentinel-Leader
reporter Tom Kingman, but also a derailment for their planned romantic Labor Day getaway in
Iowa’s center for summer sun and fun.

Soon Tom finds himself hounded by a shady police chief and condemned to hell by Hillary’s
puritanical father. With the fate of the park in limbo and Tom making headlines in a bad way,
their adventure takes them on a tour of Iowa’s most famous resort area and into the lion’s den,
which Hillary calls Sanhedrin Pharmacy. By the time its over, Tom will have made a discovery
that changes their lives forever.