Paper Trail

Sometimes You Have to Get Away to Get Closer to the Truthpapertails-book

Assistant Woodbury County Attorney Hillary Reed believes God controls the world and nothing is random. Her new significant other, Sioux City Sentinel-Leader reporter Tom Kingman, isn’t so sure. After a corporate attorney is killed in her office in Omaha, Tom wonders how that is anything but senseless. He gets his chance to find out when the company’s CEO, Tom’s friend from college, makes him a proposition: come to Omaha, pose as an employee, and find the rat in the corporate cube maze.

Tom convinces Hillary to spend a week with him at his parents’ house just across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, and they suddenly have the freedom (as well as encouragement from Tom’s parents and gregarious sister) to explore their feelings and faith. Tom Kingman always gets the story, but will he get the girl? And which — the story or the girl — is really more important to him? For now, only God knows.